Wyndy’s Commitment to Ensuring Your Family's Safety

Rigorous Screening for Every Wyndy Babysitter and Nanny

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At Wyndy, we take extensive steps to thoroughly vet each babysitter and nanny on our platform:

  • Comprehensive Online Application: Each candidate must complete a detailed application process.
  • Personal Interviews: Sitters complete interviews so Wyndy can assess each applicant's suitability and communication skills.
  • Sterling Background Checks: We partner with Sterling for in-depth background checks, ensuring reliability and safety.

High Standards for Educational Background

Wyndy Babysitters Sitting Together

Our commitment to quality extends to educational criteria:

  • Educational Eligibility: All Wyndy babysitters and nannies are either currently or previously enrolled in a Wyndy-approved college or university.
  • Enrollment Verification: We validate college enrollment status with the National Student Clearinghouse for added trust and credibility.

Continuous Community Feedback and Accountability

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Wyndy babysitters and nannies are continuously evaluated to maintain the highest standards of care:

  • Parental References: To be accepted as a Wyndy, each sitter must provide at least one reference from a family they have previously worked with.
  • Ongoing Ratings and Reviews: After every babysitting or nanny job, Wyndy caregivers are rated and reviewed by families, fostering a community of trust and excellence.

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