Reviews by Families About Finding Babysitters

Wyndy Parent Testimonial by Corrie

We love Wyndy! Every sitter that has watched our boy from Wyndy has been extremely professional and kind. I actually had a last minute job one day and I was in dire need, and someone picked up the job at the last minute and saved us! Jude loves spending time with her, and called her his best friend. Lol thank you Wyndy for being easy to navigate, and having awesome sitters.

- Review by Corrie, a Parent

Wyndy Parent Testimonial by Maggie

We first used Wyndy while in Nashville for a quick weekend trip. […] A sitter responded immediately and she was fabulous!! We then came back home to Birmingham and have used it several times this week. Our sitter has become part of our normal week and we are so grateful!

- Review by Maggie, a Parent

Wyndy Parent Testimonial by Amy

My review is from the perspective of a parent who was a nervous wreck when my college-freshman daughter living three hours from home began using this service to obtain babysitting jobs. She has had years of experience in our hometown, but we know the families. Fast forward a year later, and I can’t say enough good about Wyndy. My daughter has met some wonderful families and is able to set her own schedule around classes and school functions. The Wyndy staff have been courteous and helpful any time she’s had a question. We are thankful for the safety and security measures Wyndy has in place for both families and sitters. Most of all we are thankful for providing a dream employment opportunity for college students!

- Review by Amy, a Parent of a Wyndy Babysitter

We had our first Wyndy over the weekend and she was fantastic! I felt 100% comfortable with her from beginning to end!

- Review by Monica, a Parent

This app took all of the nerves and guesswork out of finding a babysitter and I wish it had been around when our first son was a baby! We will DEFINITELY be using the app whenever we need a babysitter for our boys!

- Review by Allison, a Parent

Babysitter Reviews About Working with Families

Wyndy Babysitter Testimonial by Lauren

I love being a sitter for Wyndy! It’s such an easy and flexible way for college students to make money and make connections with families in the area! I recommend Wyndy to everyone!

- Review by Lauren, a Wyndy Babysitter

Wyndy is such a neat way to connect sweet families in the Birmingham area with college students looking to make some extra cash!! I have loved the jobs I have gotten and the app is seriously so easy and convenient to use!! I would recommend this to all college students who love kids and are looking for a job/want to make some extra cash!

- Review by Abbey, a Wyndy Babysitter

Wyndy is a wonderful way to meet families and make connections. There are no unknowns before booking a job (pay, job length, or the number of kids & their ages). I have loved using this app and meeting so many new families. It is also an awesome way to earn money while making your own schedule!

- Review by Ashton, a Wyndy Babysitter